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Skills2Capabilities is about understanding how skill systems need to develop if they are to assist people in making labour market transitions - i.e. between jobs, employers or sectors – and thereby reduce the level of skill mismatch which might otherwise arise. The study is about the capabilities individuals will increasingly need to acquire if they are to effectively manage labour market transitions.

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From the demand side, the study addresses the skills and capabilities in demand now and in the future. From the supply side, it addresses how the capabilities of interest are reflected in vocational education and training. The research will provide decision-makers in government and education with a better understanding of the capabilities that skills systems will need to supply in the future.

The study is comprised of a range of inter-related projects.

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Skills2Capabilities Work Programme

skills policy

The Effectiveness of Skills Policies

Led by 3s and with IER, FAFO, BIBB, TLU, JYU, UNIPD and BG-IPS-BAS

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The Responsiveness and Proactiveness of VET Systems

Led by FAFO and with 3s, BIBB, University of Padova, FAFO and IER

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Challenges and Changes in the Demand for VET Skills

Led by BIBB and with ROA, TLU, IPS-BAS, IER

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Skills mismatch

Drivers and Effects of Skills Mismatch

Led by TLU and with IPS-BAS

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The Supply of Skills and Lifelong Learning among VET Graduates over the Life Course

Led by ROA with UNIPD and TLU

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VET systems

The Role of Policy, Services, and Stakeholders in Supporting VET Systems: Innovative Practice

Led by JYU, with all partners participating

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VET and AL and the Sharing of Costs

Funding of VET and AL and the Sharing of Costs

Led by IER

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