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Challenges and Changes in the Demand for VET Skills

Led by BIBB and with ROA, TLU, IPS-BAS, IER


  • Assessing and quantifying the demand for skills in different VET occupations with specific focus on occupational measures and indicators.
  • Assessing the extent to which different domains of 21st century skills are addressed in vacancies for VET graduates
  • Assessing and quantifying how the demand for skills varies and changes across VET occupations, over time and across regions.
  • Examining socio-economic effects of current labour market challenges in particular technological changes and green transitions on the demand for skills in VET occupations
  • Investigate changes and challenges in the demand for VET skills for young adults, older workforce, and societal questions along the lines of model regions that undergo green transitions and technological changes
  • Establishing to the demand for retraining and reskilling of VET graduates against the background of green transitions and technological changes
  • Identifying key skills from the demand side that determine the supply side at different levels (national, regional, occupational)
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