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VET systems

The role of policy, services and stakeholders in supporting VET systems: innovative practice

Led by JYU, with all partners participating


  • To understand the role of policy, service and stakeholders in supporting VET systems to better understand how services and support programmes are operating in the current environment with the aim to build better VET transitions
  • To examine lifelong learning and lifelong guidance (or career guidance and counselling) legislation and strategies at national and EU level with a particular focus on support for VET systems and transitions
  • To explore impacts of different national contexts and skills formation systems on fostering positive transitions in the VET system and the extent to which different regulatory constraints in countries under study result in distinct strategies with regard to addressing skills mismatch
  • To explore the impact of current structures and dynamics in the economic and social environmental impact on national VET systems and what the implications of recent changes in these environments (for example, COVID pandemic, economic and fiscal crises, industry trends, socio-demographic trends) entail for addressing skills mismatches at the local, regional and national level
  • To explore what areas of policy and delivery would benefit from greater intervention at a national and/or EU level
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